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Sometimes navigating the world of work can be challenging. How do I find a job? How do I know it is right for me? What career path best suits my skills and experience?

Making the transition from study to work can sometimes be a daunting experience and many students benefit from the expertise of a Career Education professional to help pave the way.

International Students can encounter additional challenges with language and cultural differences. Activating Careers provides specific support to assist with overcoming these barriers during the vitally important career planning process.

Remember that finding a job can be tricky and we all need help every now and again. Activating Careers will guide you in the right direction!

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Activating Careers personable approach and professionalism impressed me completely.
Kylie has been an excellent mentor and did an awesome job with my resume and Capability Development Plan I needed to complete as part of my Graduate Recruitment Program.  She ensured that she fully understood my career goals and interests and used that to develop a personalised resume that highlighted my key skills to the employers. Since then, I have always received positive comments regarding my resume. Kylie also helped me hone my interview skills, thus making me more confident at the interview panel.
With Activating Careers, you can be sure to get back services that go well beyond expectations and as a bonus, you get an amazing mentor. Thank you very much for your great work.

Shivam Khandolkar - Templestowe, Victoria

Activating Careers helped me when I first arrived in Australia from Germany.  Kylie translated my previous experience into a professional skill set, updated my resume to fit the types of jobs I was seeking and helped me put strategies in place to find a job quickly which, made me feel more confident in myself and my skills.
Kylie also gave me specific advice on how to present myself in an interview which was very useful. I found a rewarding role in the finance sector and would recommend Activating Careers highly to anyone seeking career development, counselling on career choices or seeking guidance when arriving from overseas.

Miriam Hamilton - Germany

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