About Activating Careers

Activating Careers provides a complete career package for International Students working in Australia.

This includes a resume writing service tailored to the Australian job market supported by workshops in job interview skills and coaching in positive first impressions with your future employer.

Activating Careers is the right choice for supporting International Students to make the smooth transition - from study to work-ready in Australia.

We care

The Director of Activating Careers, Kylie Ross, has a Master of Social Science (Career Education and Development) from RMIT University and over twenty years employment experience in a variety of industries such as Banking, Transport, Energy, Training and Education, as well as working as a Career Counsellor in the Victorian tertiary sector. Now permanently based in Melbourne, Australia, Kylie has previously undertaken a Working Holiday in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. She knows first-hand the challenges that can arise when moving to a different country and trying to navigate how to set yourself up for career success in a brand new employment environment.

Our unique approach

Activating Careers understands that moving to a new country to study and work can be an overwhelming experience for some. Providing support to International Students as they navigate this transition is our speciality.  We focus on highlighting the strengths which can automatically be associated with International Students who can demonstrate resourcefulness, adaptability and determination by setting themselves up professionally and personally in a brand new environment and network. These are vital employability skills in the Australian job market. We then work through any areas of development to ensure that each International Student has a comprehensive suite of employability skills including technical and soft skills, such as communication and building strong relationships with stakeholders. Activating Careers offers a range of services to ensure your skills shine in both your professionally tailored resume and your performance at interview stage with your prospective employer.

Our vision

To Empower International Students to walk confidently into a job interview with a professional resume tailored to the Australian job market and fully prepared to answer a range of expected and sometimes unexpected interview questions.

Our mission

To enable International Students to gain rewarding employment opportunities in Australia.

Our values

Action – Motivate International Students to put positive actions in place to achieve their career goals.

Communication – Promote clear and concise verbal and written communication

Technology – Embrace social media and online professional sites to increase networking opportunities and define a unique personal brand for clients.

Integrity – Advocate honest and pragmatic representation of International Students’ skills and experience and demonstrate integrity in all interactions with all networks, including potential employers.

Variety – Encourage International Students to pursue a number of different pathways to achieve a variety of employment opportunities to choose from.

Empowerment – Empower International Students to take accountability for their career development and future employment opportunities.

- How we help you

Need Support

Contact Activating Careers for a personalised approach to your career needs including resume review and interview preparation.

Tips and Tricks

Feel free to take a look at our advice on the overall job application process.


We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to reassure you that you are in the right place to activate your career!