Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions to reassure you that you are in the right place to activate your career!

Why should I pay for someone to look at my resume?

Many people find it really hard to promote their skills and experience in a resume and some don’t know how to write one or what content to put in there. Activating Careers provides expert support integrating your existing study and work experience into a professional format which will stand out to future employers.

What happens when I send my resume to Activating Careers?

Activating Careers will conduct an initial review of the resume and identify any areas which need specific focus. You will be contacted by us during our information gathering phase to obtain specific information which may be missing from your draft resume. 

For our Resume Refresh service, you will be provided with feedback and guidance on how to improve the content and/or design of your existing resume. 

For our Resume Re-Write service, you will be provided with a brand new resume with updated content in a fresh format. If you require some changes, you are entitled to two free revisions. If you require any further changes, these can be accommodated on a fee-for-service basis.

What about the privacy of information on my resume?

Activating Careers takes privacy extremely seriously. Any personal information provided by you on your resume will be treated with complete confidentiality and only personal contact details agreed and provided by you will be retained on our contact database.

What can you teach me about going to interviews?

There is no standard interview and each one requires the interviewee to be able to think on the spot and answer questions in a relevant and concise manner. However, preparation is the key! Activating Careers can assist with an overall interview competency strategy including preparation, presentation and follow-up communication with the potential new employer. The difference with Activating Careers is we look at your individual situation rather than just providing general advice. And of course we practice typical questions and answers in a supportive learning environment.

What extra support do you provide for International Students?

The founder of Activating Careers has spent considerable time with International Students while working as a career counsellor in the tertiary sector and discovered a few key areas where many International students needed extra assistance:

> Tailoring resume for the Australian job market

> Effective use of body language in an interview

> How to open and close a conversation confidently

Activating Careers provides International Students with support in reviewing their resumes, information sessions on conducting interviews, with special focus on body language and open and direct communication styles.

What makes you different from other resume writing or career coaching businesses?

Activating Careers believes in actively listening to each client’s individual career situation and will work with you in a caring and supportive environment to achieve your short and long term career goals. We also take particular interest in the specific needs of International Students with understanding how the Australian job market works and how to effectively present to an Australian employer both in terms of the resume content and professional interview conduct.  Finally, as a career journey can sometimes span over forty years with changes in life circumstance and career interest, we believe in really getting to know you and look forward to assisting you at different stages in their career journey.

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