Does anyone enjoy writing resumes? Well here at Activating Careers we certainly do! 

Because it means we are setting our clients on the right path to activating their career. We are passionate about providing people with career choices and equipping them with the right skills and tools for finding the right role for them in Australia.

- Your Resume

Your resume is one of the most important tools you have to present to your potential new employer. It is a statement about you as a person as well as your professional work experience and educational qualifications.

As International students, you will already have a broad range of skills to offer an Australian employer. You can already be considered resourceful and independent for making the move from your country of origin to study and live and perhaps even work part-time in Australia. You can also be seen as adaptable and flexible for understanding and integrating to a different culture and way of life. Being a university or tertiary student, you are also well educated and quick to learn.

Activating Careers will ensure you promote your relevant skills and experience in the right section of the resume to give you maximum exposure to capture the employer’s interest. We will also support you with styling your resume in the right way to suit the Australian job market.

Activating Careers can help you each step of the way with your resume to bring out the strengths of your unique international student experience – please contact us now for a resume review! We have also provided some useful advice on writing resumes under our Tips and Tricks section – feel free to check it out

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