Interview Skills

Congratulations!    You have got the interview.    So what are your next steps?

- Preparing for your interview

Planning and preparation are the keys to interview success. There are many elements of the interview to think about.  Activating Careers will take you step-by-step through the interview process, including mock interviews, to ensure you are thoroughly prepared. Remember, it is equally important to know what questions to ask the interviewer about the organisation as well as how to answer all questions asked by the interviewer.

How do you act in an interview? What do you say? Each interview experience will be different. But Australian employers generally have the same expectations of you when you are in the interview. Activating Careers provides training in appropriate interview behaviour - including body language which may quite be different in Australia to what you are accustomed to in your own culture.

Contact Activating Careers for a strategic look at your interview style to help guide you through to the next round of interviews and closer to your desired job! 

Check out our Tips and Tricks page for some free insights to the interview process and to get you thinking about the types of questions you would like to focus on when refining your interview skills with Activating Careers.

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