Writing your resume

Next comes the resume. Remember your resume is your professional marketing tool so make it count!

Tips and Tricks

Your personal contact details should only include your name, address, email and mobile. You do not need to advise your age, religion or ethnic background.

A separate "Education and Skills" section should feature on the first page if you are a recent graduate from tertiary studies. After you have been working for a while, say three to five years, your Education could still appear as a separate section but your Skills can now be integrated into the bullet points under the roles and responsibilities for each job you have held.

Work experience or employment history should be listed with most recent appearing first.  Remember to clearly state your job title and duration of work there in months or years (not days). Bullet points under each job to explain what your main areas of responsibility and highlighting your key strengths – especially if they are relevant for the job you are applying for!

TIP!   Provide a quick overview of each employer you have listed on your resume, including the market/industry, product, how long it has been operating, number of employees and any other relevant facts you can discover on the company website for each employer.